Spanish Donor in Dunlin - Ireland

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Spanish Donor in Dunlin - Ireland

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Spanish psychologist, from the Canary Islands (Tenerife), black hair, dark brown eyes, 65 kg, I have two beautiful children (boy and girl) healthy, without any allergies or diseases.

Among my hobbies are reading, traveling the world and learning about other cultures, cooking, collecting coins, bank notes and philately.

I am a Bachelor and specialist in the field of Clinical Psychology, with a Master in Health Psychology, I am not a smoker and I am not a drinker, I am a healthy and athletic person, I have no illness, no allergies of any kind and I do not have any vice or dependency.

My blood group is 0Rh +.

I am willing to help a woman or any couple to fulfill the dream of be mother.

You can write me in Spanish, English or Polish. I am willing to help fulfill the dream of every responsible woman of any fertile age, to be a mother.

I'm just asking for respect, seriousness and mutual discretion.

I am open to any method of fertilization chosen by the person who contacts me, but if you not there are studies of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV updated, only use the method of the cup.

Depending on the chosen method, the success of fertilization will also depend. I can repeat the attempts the number of times it takes to achieve the final goal, as well as if they want future fecundation.

It is not my desire to interfere in the life and education of the future child, so if your desire is not to maintain any kind of contact I will respect and accept it.

More information, by private, we can meet in an informal meeting in a public place or have a contact by video conference or by writing to my email that I provide below

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